Shock Wave Boundary Layer Interaction
and Flow Control Workshop

co-organized by SIG10 of ERCOFTAC
Gdańsk, Poland, 15-16 November 2023


The main topic of the workshop is shock wave boundary layer interaction (SBLI) and flow control, with a focus on:

– unsteadiness and transitional mechanism of SBLI,

– boundary layer and surface roughness effect on SBLI,

– shock induced fluid-structure interactions,

– transition and buffet control with flow control devices,

– numerical and experimental tripping of high-speed turbulent boundary layer,

– from high-fidelity high-order to reduced-order modelling for unsteady SBLI.

Invited speakers:

  • Markus Fischer (DLR) – topic: flow control for civil aircrafts
  • Philippe Mogilka (Airbus) – topic: engine design and integration – today and tomorrow

During the workshop results of the MSCA-ITN-ETN TEAMAero project will be presented:

  1. Numerical investigations of SBLI and flow control on compressor blades including transition effects (Rolls-Royce Deutschland)
  2. Effects of Shock Boundary Layer Interaction with High Loading And Strong Adverse Pressure Gradients (Rolls-Royce Deutschland)
  3. Experimental and numerical investigation of flow control on a transonic compressor cascade (DLR – Institute of Propulsion)
  4. Transitional and turbulent flow conditions in a shock/boundary layer interaction: an experimental study (Universite d’aix Marseille)
  5. Numerical study (LES) of a separated SBLI with altered reattachment (Universite d’aix Marseille)
  6. Characterization of shock wave/boundary layer interaction control by perforated plates (ONERA)
  7. Investigation of unsteady three-dimensional shock/boundary-layer interactions and flow control to mitigate corner separation (University of Cambridge)
  8. Investigation and control of supersonic shock boundary layer interactions and shock induced fluid-structure interactions (Technische Universiteit Delft)
  9. Stability study of unsteady separated flows (University of Glasgow)
  10. From high-fidelity high-order to reduce-order modelling for unsteady shock wave boundary layer interactions (Cadence Design Systems)
  11. Development of numerical tools for high-fidelity simulation of shock/boundary layer interactions (Universita Degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza)
  12. Numerical investigation of transition and buffet control with flow control devices (Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse)
  13. Experimental investigations on transitional Shock-BL-Interaction with flow control devices (Technische Universitat Berlin)
  14. Investigation of shock wave effects in highly loaded compressor stator (IMPPAN)
  15. Shock wave boundary layer interaction on compressor rotor profile with flow control (IMPPAN)


The Workshop will take place in CI TASK building located in the campus of Gdańsk University of Technology.

Traugutta 75
80-221 Gdańsk, Poland


We suggest following hotels, located in the city centre:

1. RADDISSON HOTEL & SUITES GDANSK Chmielna Str. 10-25 80-748 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: 00800 1124 970 (Poland toll-free); +48 58 600 28 88 e-mail:

2. RADDISSON BLU GDANSK Dlugi Targ Str. 19/Powroźnicza 80-828 Gdansk, Poland
Phone: +48 58 325 44 44 fax: +48 58 325 44 55 e-mail:

3. HANZA HOTEL ul. Tokarska 6 80-888 Gdańsk, Poland
Phone: +48 58 305 34 27 ; +48 603 612 927 e-mail:

4. MERCURE GDAŃSK STARE MIASTO ul. Jana Heweliusza 22 80-890 Gdańsk, Poland
Poland Phone: +48 58 321 00 00 fax: +48 58 321 00 11 e-mail:

On-line participation

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